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Peoples chilling in a Festival at Mercure Penrith Hotel


A weekend of the biggest names in hardstyle, hardcore techno, hard house and hard trance is not for the faint hearted. But with core values of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, this is a non-stop-raving festival with an all-welcoming family vibe. The loudest music resonating through your bones at 150BPM, costume-craziness and endless dancing right until the epic pyrotechnic filled Endshow, DEFQON.1 has to be experienced to be fully understood.

 What, When And Where

What: Defqon.1 is not just any annual event held in Sydney, it’s the world’s largest hardstyles festival! Founded back in 2003 by festival organizer Q-dance, the festival is host to some of the very best in hardstyle, hardcore techno, hard house and hard trance performing across seven stages. In addition to all the big name well-established artists, Defqon.1 also welcomes various up and coming artists to come and perform here on their Talent Stage.

When: Doors open at 10:30am on Saturday the 16th of September 2017

Where: Sydney International Regatta Centre, Old Castlereagh Road, Castlereagh 2749 NSW, Australia

Don’t Miss

Arrive Early: When attending one of the best hardstyle festivals in Sydney, rocking up late is not an option. Be sure not to miss out on any of the action and get yourself down there early. The festival is packed with non-stop epic performances paired with equally epic next-level production that is sure to blow your mind. From the moment the doors open at 10:30am the intense energy of Defqon.1 is beyond imagination. The opening show at Defqon.1 is an unforgettable ritual kick-off that welcomes the thousands attending for their first time as well as an emotional reunion for those true hardstyle fans who have once again returned to the party island at Sydney. Get prime position at the RED (mainstage) to make the most of all the action.

Adrenaline Junkies: Get a view above the rest with an added adrenaline rush and take a flight in a helicopter, slingshot or even a jet pack! It’s first come first served so head to the ticket booth asap to be sure not to miss out on your ride of a lifetime. Opt for a helicopter ride over the island and all its spectacular surroundings ($75), or get a real kick on the slingshot ($35) or an exhilarating jet pack experience ($35).

End On A High: Watch the golden sun set behind the colossal mainstage of Defqon.1 as you ready yourself for the world famous Endshow. This complete multisensory experience will not be easy to forget, with an unimaginable spectacle of fireworks, strobes, lasers and pyrotechnics on a mammoth scale creating the biggest stage production in the Southern Hemisphere! Why not treat yourself and upgrade to VIP for an extraordinary viewing of the Endshow.

Need To Know

What To Bring: The sound system at Defqon.1 is like nothing you would have experienced before, it’s louder than any other festival you’ve been to. Come prepared and bring along some hearing protection, especially if you’re planning on raving the night away on the front row. Don’t worry though, if you forget to bring a pair of earplugs you can grab yourself a pair at the merchandise store within the festival grounds. And of course you’ll undoubtedly want to savour those incredible moments at Defqon.1 on your phone so make sure you conserve your battery and bring along a portable charger for an easy top-up (though you may want to keep quiet about having a charger or there may be no charge left for you once word gets out). Another good idea is to have a designated meeting point for you and your rave crew as mobile signal isn’t at its best on the island and with all the festival madness it’s easy to lose each other.

Getting There: Driving and raving generally don’t go together, but fortunately your Defqon.1 ticket includes free travel on Sydney Train services on the day plus a free shuttle to and from Penrith Station so hopping on the train is a real no-brainer.

What To Wear: If you’re planning on raving the day away then comfy kicks are essential for you to get the best out of Defqon.1. Forget bringing your brand new shiny white kicks though, as they may not survive a long day of hardcore raving. That’s your footwear sorted, so what else to wear? Defqon.1 festival encourages individuality and freedom so essentially the sky is your limit when it comes to clothing; you can either go with head to toe comfy festival attire or make the most of the excuse to wear the craziest outfit you can think of. For any additional belongings you bring along there is a handy cloakroom on site where for a charge of $5 you can leave your stuff there and return as many times as you like throughout the day. The cloakroom is also the place to head for any items you may have lost at the festival.

Merch and Cash: Find the merchandise store right next to the mainstage area, where each year there is an extensive collection of exclusive Defqon.1 festival gear, including a wide range of jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, caps and more. It’s a good idea to get there early before the crowds beat you to it. And it is recommended to bring cash but in case you’ve forgotten to bring any, there are ATMs on the festival site.

Stay In Sydney

You’re going to want a comfy bed to collapse into after this epic-weekend. Mercure Penrith Hotel is the perfect spot to get in the mood before, recharge during, and rest after the biggest and best events in Sydney. Free Wi-Fi, flatscreen TV’s and plenty of home comforts make it a great choice whatever brings you to Sydney.

The hotel is also conveniently located close to the International Regatta Centre where the Defqon.1 festival is held, as well as other top attractions such as Penrith Whitewater Stadium, Evan Theatre, Panthers Penrith World of Entertainment, Nepean Gorge and River. Or if you want to continue the adrenaline rush after Defqon.1 there’s Cables Wake Park or iFly Downunder Skydiving.